What is cash back and what does it eat?

Cash back firmly part of our lives. This new word (if it even can be called a new one) appears everywhere. On the Internet and on television is full of ads, and the banks, we offer cards with return of cashback. Let’s see exactly — what is cashback?

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Best Shopify Drop Shipping Cash Back Service

Best Shopify Drop Shipping Cash Back Service

What and why cash back?

What is cashback when buying? This is a return of this money for the orders committed on the Internet in the partner stores, or from the use of credit card loyalty program.

this cashback

Due to the huge competition in the market of goods, stores are trying to attract more people to buy from them. What can entice the customer? Of course, discounts and bonuses! So they came up with a workable system — Returns true money .

how the cashback

It’s even better discounts or events, although the essence is. But so is the way our subconscious mind: to enjoy it from returning . And the savings will be more profitable. Look, you buy a product at a discount, and the money that you have saved, not really felt. But if you have purchased and then returned to you on the part of the bill, it is quite another matter !!!

Give an example for clarity : Imagine that Bob decided to sell your phone for $ 100. But since he can not sell, he asks for a prompt neighbor Petya that he sold his goods. It offers Pete a deal: you sell the phone for $ 100, and 10%, ie $ 10 took away.

If Peter would sell the phone, he will receive a partnership award in the affiliate program. But Pete to need a phone, and he decided to buy it yourself. How much did he give money Basil? Yes, just $ 90, and $ 10 for himself. That’s what this Cash Back!

How to get cash back?

Immediately brewing question: how it works and who returns the money? Seller, or shop, of course.

Who pays cashback?

Everything works like this: cashback offers service contracts with various shops and starts to attract people. Users logged on and purchase the service in pet shops with the return. Shopping, of course, willing to pay for the involved customers and pay, and the cashback service already share some part of us.

Just imagine how much money is spent on advertising, it is a lot of money! Here the customers themselves to you go to the river and you just pay them a small percentage of their purchases.

To keep things even more clear, watch this video on what the cashback service:

This is how everything up and running. This brand new discount scheme and come up with her in the United States, back in 1980. In Russia, of course, it’s much later — in 2008, but now we can enjoy such returns. You agree to receive them very nice 🙂

How to Use Cash Back?

The first thing you need to choose a good and reliable cashback service, and maybe more than one. Today, a lot of them and there are new, but the leaders of all three — it LetyShops, EPN and Ebates. Below is a table with all the cash back service that we use ourselves, and about some of the reviews and write instructions in our section ALL About Cash Back.

Ranking of the best cashback services

So, here you have decided on the service, your choice was the most convenient for you cashback and can not wait to try to buy something and get a refund.

But it also has its own nuances, that if you do not comply, you can not get anything. So I want to make a cash back of acquired rights. They need to remember to not make mistakes and always get a refund:

  1. Buy NECESSARY through cashback service, only through him to move at the right store.
  2. Turn off all ad blocking applications, such as for example: Adblock, friGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, as well as VPN / Proxy / Socks and others. Buy once and with a single device. For example, if you put the shopping bag on the computer, and paid for it with your phone, you do not enroll cashback. If you have a product to the basket, wander around an hour and paid for it, the return may not enroll.
  3. When making a purchase, do not open at all third-party services and other tabs. I advise you to use a separate «clean» browser only for purchases with cash back.

More in services keshbek trying to simplify the task and we offer to install extensions in the browser . It is very convenient, plugin shows in what stores have refund and when to activate the cache, so that he accrued. In general, with this extension all becomes much easier, so do not neglect their installation.

Browser Extension from Letishops

Cashback is credited after you received the goods and the seller confirmed payment . It usually takes a few days to a month and a half, depending where you buy. Of course, if it aliekspress, then will have to wait a long time, and if it is, for example, Tmall , then everything is much faster.

As output cash back?

After accumulating a minimum amount of cashback you can bring it to your card or e-wallet. In each service its own conditions for the minimum amount available for withdrawal, some minimal salary there. But mostly, this amount ranges from 500 to 1000 rubles in Russian service, and from $ 5 to $ 10 — in foreign.

As a conclusion to Letishops cashback?

Displays your money basically no commissions, despite much translating. If you have difficulties appear on the item, you can always ask them questions in the section and we’ll try to help you quickly.

What a cashback service to choose?

Many people ask this question, after all, to choose the best cashback , you need personal experience to find your favorite. But we have simplified the task of you, as it did half of the case for you, and create a table cashback services. From it, you can understand which sites are popular with customers and which have a rating.

Бонус Парк
Get Cashback
Деньги назад

All data tables are taken not from the head to get them, we used several services such as: SimilarWeb (for calculation of attendance a month) and Reg.ru  (to learn the age of the site ).

How to earn a cash back service?

Besides that you will be back cashback from your purchases, you can still make money on services and cashback! Each site has a referral program, which involves the payment of user engagement.

Referral program  or affiliate program — it is a form of business cooperation between the seller and the partners in the sale of any goods or services. It allows the seller to reduce the involvement of the final costs of the buyer. ( Data taken from Wikipedia. )

Thus, each service is ready to pay its users to invite their friends to the site. With personal referral links that are placed on the website in the social. networks or sent to the e-mail to a friend, you can earn good money.

How to make money on Letishops?

But, of course, there are some pitfalls and not so all is simple as it seems. Invited you people call it a referral should create and actively use the service. Only then will you be able to get something from it.

Usually it is a certain percentage of its cashback. In each service its own conditions affiliate program. Somewhere it is very profitable, and in some cases a mere penny. It has to be confirmed directly by themselves cashback service.


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